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POCO 1.2.7 Released

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POCO 1.2.7 is available.*

This is mostly a bugfix release fixing all bugs and inconveniences reported on Sourceforge and elsewhere.


  • Poco::File: fixed root directory handling
  • fixed UUIDGenerator documentation
  • clarified Application::setUnixOptions() documentation
  • fixed SF# 1597022: Signed/unsigned warning in StringTokenizer::operator[]
  • fixed SF# 1598601: Message::op= leaks
  • fixed SF# 1605960: PatternFormatter crashes on custom property
  • fixed SF# 1605950: Memory leak in Logger sample code
  • fixed SF# 1591635: Copy Paste Error in sample code
  • fixed SF# 1591512: SMTPClientSession response stream
  • fixed SF #1592776: LayeredConfiguration: getRaw should enumerate in reverse order
  • SF Patch # 1599848 ] VS 2005 Util build fails
  • Logger::dump() now uses std::size_t instead of int for buffer size
  • LayeredConfiguration now supports a priority value for each configuration. Also, it’s possible to specify for each configuration added whether it should be writeable.
  • ServerApplication: cd to root directory only if running as a daemon
  • added Message::swap()
  • improvements to build system:
    global Makefile has correct dependencies for samples
    on Windows, samples build after libraries are ready
    configure supports –no-wstring and –no-fpenvironment flags
    build system supports POCO_FLAGS environment variable for compiler flags

* in case you’re wondering what happened to 1.2.6: this was an internal release

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