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PocoServlet is in SVN

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So, finally, I have delivered. Something. Don’t get me wrong, the thing runs, but there’s more to do before a release. There’s a TODO list here. Briefly, here are the issues:

– I am not sure what exactly to do with Attributes and they are all over the original Java API, so I have improvised (including a Servlet::Object class :-> ). I would really like to hear some solid proposals/ideas on what to do with this portion.

– ResourceBundle implementation

– getResourceAsStream() is not implemented yet

– PocoServer HttpRequest/Response work but are not completed

I would appreciate feedback on the work, so here is the forum topic for it.


P.S. Paschal, I hope this makes you happy 😉

  1. Hi, is interesting, have downloaded, but the ServletEx directory, needed to compile, is missing

    Comment by Seib, Leo on December 17, 2006, 17:11

  2. Seib,

    ServletEx was merged into Servlet, so you can safely disregard and remove it. I have updated the Makefile in SVN. Molto should run OK on Linux, but test build is not finished yet. Since time is extremely valuable resource, contributions are strongly encouraged and would be very much appreciated.


    Comment by alex on December 17, 2006, 21:34

  3. There was also an error in VS 2003 project – import library name for the Servlet project was wrong – Servlet(d).dll instead of PocoServlet(d).dll
    SVN has been updated.

    Comment by alex on December 19, 2006, 04:07

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