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POCO Development Roadmap

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I have prepared a Wiki page containing the POCO development roadmap. There’s not much there yet, but this will for sure change in the coming days and weeks. Just keep those feature requests coming…

  1. I know it is a tricky thing, but how about some deadlines, at least rough ones, such as month/year? Even quarterly would be better than nothing.
    And then, I have a proposal about GUI. It’s an attempt to salvage the Poco-Pt collaboration idea that went nowhere so far. In the light of that proposal, can you give an update on your plans concerning GUI (open/propritetary, target date)? Is there any chance you would consider Poco::Util::GUIApplication interface abstracting both classic and web-based GUIs if we find common ground with Pt ?


    Comment by alex on January 3, 2007, 18:46

  2. I think the Database layer to talk to Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL is important. Most apps now talk to some sort of database and having a DB layer would be a huge PLUS for Poco at this point. Any plans on when that will be released.

    Comment by Rajeev Kadam on March 5, 2007, 22:38

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