POCO 1.2.8 Released

New year, new POCO release. POCO 1.2.8 is available! This is mostly a bugfix release, although some improvements have been made to the format functions in Foundation.

– fixed SF# 1613906: Util/Application.h and GCC 3.3
– fixed a byte order issue (failed test) in IPv6 address formatting
– fixed SF# 1626640: Poco::Net::SocketReactor bug
– fixed client side chunked transfer encoding handling
– fixed client side persistent connection handling
– fixed SF# 1623536: HTTP Server Chunked Transfer Encoding Bug
– improved HTTP server exception text
– fixed SF# 1616294: KeepAlive HTTPServerSession patch
– fixed SF# 1616296: Trivial Poco::TaskCustomNotification patch
– fixed SF# 1619282: PurgeStrategy bug fix
– fixed SF# 1620855: Format problem
there is a new format specifier %z for std::size_t, as well as a new
flag ? for %d, %i, %o, %x meaning any signed or unsigned integer