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Herb Sutter About Exception Specifications

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An insightful blog entry by Herb Sutter on C++ exception specifications and why they’re best avoided.

  1. Your forum is broken. I tried creating an account and nothing, no password, no nothing.

    Comment by Rajeev Kadam on January 29, 2007, 09:17

  2. Sorry, let me clarify. I never got an email with the password. So I cannot login, or post.

    Comment by Rajeev Kadam on January 29, 2007, 09:17

  3. Sorry for the inconvenience. Maybe there was a problem with the mail server. Please try to register again.

    Comment by guenter on January 29, 2007, 10:39

  4. I’m inclined to agree that a specification listing classes is probably not helpful (certainly a pain in Java) but it seems to me that an ability to say ‘does not throw’ can potentially provide a useful hint to the compiler that may help generate reasonable code, and I’m all for that. Personally I only ever add empty exception specification clauses.

    Comment by James Mansion on February 2, 2007, 14:10

  5. I still never got a password and registered under two names. If someone could email me my password to electic at that would be great.

    Comment by Rajeev Kadam on February 3, 2007, 18:23

  6. Since you now have successfully posted to the forum, I guess your account now works?

    Comment by guenter on February 4, 2007, 17:40

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