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POCO 1.3 Update

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POCO 1.3 is coming along nicely. Yesterday I have added a Condition (as in POSIX condition variable) class. As soon as I had finished it, Mark Swaanenburg from the Netherlands sent me his own implementation, which he developed independently. Seems like we need better coordination among our contributors 😉
Anyway, today I did some testing on various platforms. Windows, Linux and Mac OS X are fine. HP-UX has some issues (the newest HP aCC compiler for Itanium works, but the older compiler for HPPA has issues with the Hash class templates). Solaris with the Sun Studio compiler stumbles across the Foundation test suite (this time it’s the LinearHashTable class template). I haven’t found a workaround yet, so, I fear, Solaris developers will have to stick with the 1.2 release for now). Or, maybe someone else finds out how to work around the compiler bug.

The latest code is in the SVN trunk. There will also be a tarball prerelease tomorrow or Friday. Things are looking good for a May 7 release.

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  1. I believe I built 1.3 with Sun Studio 12 without error the other day. If anyone is listening. 😉

    Comment by James Mansion on July 4, 2007, 11:25

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