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POCO Kick-Start Trainings

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Are you planning a POCO based project or are you already in the middle of it and want to
receive expert knowledge face-to-face?

Here is what Peter Thulin, Technical Lead at TAC said about a recent training:

“With the POCO Kick-Start Training we received expert knowledge directly from one of POCO’s developers. Through the training we learned how to utilize the POCO C++ Libraries in the best possible way to cover our requirements. Through discussions with the expert from Applied Informatics we were able to optimize our software design.”

You can have that advantage, too!

From July 1 to August 30 we will tour around Europe and the USA to deliver 20 on-site POCO Kick-Start Trainings.

In a one day Kick-Start Training we’ll answer all of your questions, show you tips and tricks and
share our passion in POCO with you.

  • learn about all the features and functionality provided by the POCO C++ Libraries
  • get expert advice on how to design your POCO-based application for maximum performance and scalability
  • have all your POCO-related questions answered directly from one of POCO’s authors
  • discuss your software design with an expert from the POCO development team so that it utilizes the POCO C++ Libraries in the best possible ways

The schedule of the tour is up to you. First come — first serve.

If you want the tour to stop at your site…
… invest the special-offer training fee of only EUR 780, US-$ 1100 per day plus our travel expenses.

Reserving a training day is very simple…
… first come — first serve. When the 20 training days are reserved, the tour plan is full. On August 30, this special offer ends. Afterwards the regular training fees are in effect.

Interested? Contact Gerhard Treffner at Applied Informatics for more information.
See you at your site!

  1. Great, what a marvelous start!

    After one week more than 30% of our POCO Kick-Start-Package Tour is already booked!
    Only 13 days left to stop @ your site.

    Don’t miss it! Contact Gerhard Treffner to book it.

    See You @ Your site!

    Comment by gerhard on June 1, 2007, 12:57

  2. Hi there,

    the Booking of the POCO Kick-Start-Package Tour will end in 2 weeks!

    and we have only 7 days left to stop @ your site!

    If you want to join, drop an E-Mail at to book a day. Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss POCO topics with Günter Obiltschnig, founder and lead developer of POCO!

    See you there!


    P.S. If you are interested to join and want to share it with others, maybe you’ll find additional community members with the same interest and a common tour place by expressing your interest within the mailing list?

    Comment by gerhard on June 18, 2007, 10:05

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