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Bug Slashing Day

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Today I fixed most of the currently open bugs reported on Sourceforge. The result is in the Subversion repository and will soon become release 1.3.1.

There are also improvements to the Unix build system. It is now possible to build POCO-based applications and libraries outside of the POCO_BASE directory hierarchy. To do this, you’ll have to define the PROJECT_BASE environment variable to point to the directory where your projects are located. Say you have your project in /home/user/projects/MyApplication, then you’ll have to set PROJECT_BASE to /home/user/projects. POCO_BASE must still be set and point to the POCO directory. It is now also possible to specify a post-build command – a shell command that will be executed when the library or application has been built successfully. You do this by setting a value for the postbuild variable in your Makefile.

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