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Samsung Bada

Samsung has released a new OS/platform for smartphones, based on C++. My initial excitement for the platform has vanished quickly, though, after looking at their introductory presentation for developers. First thing that caught my eye was “two-phase construction”. That immediately rang my alarm bells. This was followed by their explanation that they cannot use C++ […]

1.3.6 Coming Next Week

If everything goes well and no serious issues come up, 1.3.6 will be released next Tuesday. Please use the time to do some more testing with the 1.3.6 branch.

Please Help Testing 1.3.6

The 1.3.6 branch should be in pretty good shape now, except for that NetSSL leak I mentioned in a previous post. Before officially releasing 1.3.6, I’d like to have it tested a bit more. So if you are currently using 1.3.5 and can donate some time, please get 1.3.6 from SVN and test it with […]

1.3.6 Progress

This week I fixed a few more issues for the upcoming 1.3.6 release. Everything is in the 1.3.6 branch in SVN. There are a few more bugs that need to be fixed before we can release. One that’s particulary nasty is #2864380. The memory leak only occurs if client or server certificate validation is performed […]

POCO Anniversary, Past and Future

These days in September 2004, five years ago, I started working on a set of C++ libraries that would reflect my idea of how to write proper C++ programs. What I wanted was a set of C++ libraries for the internet age. Easy to use and quick to learn for those already familiar with things […]

Analysis of POCO Source Code

Issam Lahlali, lead developer of the CppDepend static analyzer, was nice enough to tell me about a source code analysis of POCO, done with CppDepend. You can find the detailed analysis in his blog. In summary, POCO is well designed and implemented, according to his analysis. Not that I would have expected anything else ;-), […]

JSON Support in the Sandbox

I have added JSONParser & friends to the sandbox. The code was ported from JSON Parser. At first, I intended to wrap the library, but things got really messy, so I decided to pull out what I need and tweak it into a more tidy codebase. Experience was a nice reminder of why I have […]

1.3.6 is Coming

I have created a branch for the 1.3.6 release today. This is a bugfix release that fixes the bugs introduced with 1.3.4/1.3.5, plus some other open issues. 1.3.6 will be released in the coming weeks.

Sourceforge Community Choice Awards

If you like POCO, nominate it for the 2009 Community Choice Award.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! I’ll take off until Tuesday, then finish the 1.3.4 release so that it goes out next week. A few last-minute additions have unfortunately delayed the release quite a bit. But it’s worth the wait. Some of the new goodies in 1.3.4 include a fully writable XMLConfiguration, a new Poco::Util::Timer class that […]

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