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Archive: November, 2007

Wiki/Forum Registration

Filed under: News by guenter at 11:04

Since upgrading the Tiki software to the latest release (due to the security issue posted earlier), the wiki and forum registration is unfortunately broken, so registering a new user does not work.

We are working on the issue with the Tiki developers and hope to have it fixed soon.

In the meantime, just reply to this post or send an email to poco at to have an account created for you.

More Data Results

Filed under: News by alex at 16:53

A couple of new features supported by PocoData:

  • multiple resultsets (for batches of statements and stored procedures/functions returning cursors)
  • step – variable number of fetched rows
  • Date and Time binding/extraction (in addition to DateTime)

The step feature only works for connectors that support it (e.g. ODBC), otherwise it is silently ignored (e.g. SQLite).
Date and Time were broken down because they are handled separately in ODBC. DateTime remains valid binding/extraction for timestamp fields.

All is properly documented

XML Schema support

Filed under: News by peter at 13:45

Today I finished the implementation of our XML schema parser.
Just need to test it throughly and then I can start to implement
a C++ code generator based on schema information.
This should work flawlessly together with PocoRemoting 🙂

Generating code is so much more fun than writing it…

The Wiki Has Been Hacked

Filed under: News by guenter at 22:08

On November 1, someone hacked our Wiki. The result was that, whenever a link to the Wiki was clicked from a Google search result page, the browser would be redirected to some pr0n site. Thanks to Eric Hill and others for telling me about this. As a result of this, I have upgraded both the Wiki and the Blog software to their latest releases today.

Status Update

Filed under: News by guenter at 17:15

The weblog has been quite silent lately, mostly for the reason that we have been quite busy with various projects (using POCO, of course).

A few quick updates:

  • Alex has done some significant improvements to the Data library (he has occasionally blogged here about it).
  • I have made some performance improvements to the XML library (both the SAX and the DOM parser). These will end up in the SVN repository soon.
  • There will be an 1.3.2 release in the coming weeks, fixing the currently known bugs.
  • The Roadmap has been updated a bit.
  • There have also been updates to the Testimonials and WhoUsesPoco page.
  • We have a few new contributors.
  • This website is being switched over to the domain.

Adoption of POCO in all kinds of software development projects is growing strongly. People really build amazing things using POCO, and recently I have also seen job listings asking specifically for POCO experience.