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Status Update

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The weblog has been quite silent lately, mostly for the reason that we have been quite busy with various projects (using POCO, of course).

A few quick updates:

  • Alex has done some significant improvements to the Data library (he has occasionally blogged here about it).
  • I have made some performance improvements to the XML library (both the SAX and the DOM parser). These will end up in the SVN repository soon.
  • There will be an 1.3.2 release in the coming weeks, fixing the currently known bugs.
  • The Roadmap has been updated a bit.
  • There have also been updates to the Testimonials and WhoUsesPoco page.
  • We have a few new contributors.
  • This website is being switched over to the domain.

Adoption of POCO in all kinds of software development projects is growing strongly. People really build amazing things using POCO, and recently I have also seen job listings asking specifically for POCO experience.

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  1. Things I’m currently working on:

    • Stored procedures returning cursors (a.k.a. datasets, recordsets)
    • Multiple results support
    • Bulk operations support
    • Unicode support
    • Documentation

    Most of these refer to ODBC connector (and any future connector capable of supporting them). Some changes did creep up and sideways to Data and SQLite connector, but I managed to preserve the interface (i.e. not breaking existing code) so far and I’ll do my best to keep it that way. I sincerely hope to have these done for 1.4.

    Any help/feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Comment by alex on November 3, 2007, 19:15

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