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XML Schema support, Part 2

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The XML schema support library has reached a state where I can say: yep, it’s doing something useful. I gave it a test run with the MPEG-7 schema files (one of the larger schemas I know). More than 300 C++ header and source files are generated in less than a few seconds, all beautifully and consistently formatted.

You just have to love code generation 🙂

There are still some open issues, like choice types which are currently treated as sequences (but this is easily handled, already got the code in my head, just need to transfer it to my PC…), WSDL file parsing and web service generation is not yet implemented, serializing and deserializing to/from XML files is also missing (currently only possible in combination with PocoRemoting, need to refactor that), and well, there are probably still some bugs.

An early preview of the XML schema package is available for those not intimidated by the occasional bug.
Simply post an email to either support at or write to one of us directly.

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