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The Future of the Wiki and Forums (cont’d)

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We have some good news regarding the state of the POCO website. In summer, two interns will help us to do a major overhaul of the website. The following is planned:

  • Some graphical/design facelifting
  • Kick out tiki and replace it with MediaWiki and phpBB
  • Integrate the user management of WordPress, MediaWiki and phpBB
  • Implement a single-sign-on feature for WordPress, MediaWiki and phpBB

All existing tiki content (FAQ, Forums, Wiki) will be transferred to the new site. Work will start in July and we hope to complete the transition by September.

  1. Nice.

    Do you also plan to put a Trac ( ?

    It would make easier to see request/bugs/features/release evolution.


    Comment by Steven 'lazalong' Gay on May 3, 2008, 01:55

  2. AFAIK, no. But we may open a discussion on it. While they are definitely not the best of breed, the crucial reason for using Sourceforge facilities and services is because someone else maintains the infrastructure. Maybe we could talk about switching to Launchpad.


    Comment by alex on May 4, 2008, 12:46

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