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Automotive Discovers C++

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The latest Elektroniknet newsletter points to an article about using C++ in automotive (body electronics) software development (in German only). It seems that BMW is going in this direction, as the article was written by three developers from the BMW Car IT group. The article is fairly good at addressing the typical prejudices (too slow, needs too much memory, blah blah) many embedded C developers have against C++. Well, it’s about time that automotive software developers discover the merits of C++.

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  1. Argh, ich muß Deutsches jetzt erlernen 😉
    No doubt C++ is picking up in embedded and will continue to do so. Meyers states it in his recent interview, too. Here’s another contribution to the claim.
    Along those lines, I’m curious about opinions and experiences with uClibc++ and/or uSTL.

    Comment by alex on October 12, 2006, 17:45

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