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Dear POCO User,

we are happy that you have chosen POCO as one of your favorite C++ development frameworks. Here we want to thank you that you trust in us.

After several months of community life it is now time to take the next step!

We want to greatly improve the POCO Community Website within the next two months. Only with your feedback and ideas for improvements we all will gain a community which makes a real contribution to our life as passionate C++ programmers! So please share with us your ideas, thoughts, wishes, fears, etc. For an open discussion, there are the following possibilities:

  • use the “Site Feedback” section in our discussion forums
  • start an email discussion
  • leave a comment in the Blog

What do you think? What would be the best for an open discussion?

So here we go. Your feedback and ideas are always highly appreciated!

1. To give you and your projects more space, to promote POCO to a wider audience and to share ideas what could be done with POCO, it would be nice to have a Project Showcase, featuring your projects.

2. To share problem solutions based on POCO, and as a POCO learning tool we have already started working on Tutorials, HowTos and TechNotes, where POCO programming topics will be discussed or presented.

3. To see how easily solutions can be build with POCO and as a POCO learning tool it would be nice to have Webinars of POCO topics.

What do you think? Other ideas?

We ask you to participate to make POCO the most widespread used C++ framework for network-centric, cross-platform software development. Where the framework simplifies your implementation tasks and where you have the right to modify it until it works the way you want it.

We are looking forward to your reply and thank you for your contribution.

The POCO Team at Applied Informatics

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