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Release 1.9.0 Available

Release 1.9.0 of the POCO C++ Libraries is available. Major new features include additional text encodings, available in the PocoEncodings library, and support for Internationalized Domain Names in the Poco::Net::DNS class. See the CHANGELOG for the full list of all 20+ changes. Upgrading to this release is recommended.


Release 1.8.1 Available

1.8.1 is a bug fix/maintenance release containing a few fixes and improvements in the Foundation, XML, Data/SQLite and Net libraries. See the CHANGELOG for details. Upgrading is recommended. Furthermore, release packages are now signed with GPG.

Patch Release Available is a patch release for 1.8.0 that fixes a file corruption issue in the Zip library caused by a change to Poco::DeflatingStream in 1.8.0. Upgrading is strongly recommended.

Release 1.8.0 Available

POCO C++ Libraries release 1.8.0 is available. This release brings Unix Domain Socket support in the Net library, Zip64 support in the Zip library, an XML stream parser API, the new Redis client library, support for connection string URIs in the MongoDB client library and a couple of other improvements and bugfixes. This release still […]

Patch Release 1.7.9p2 Available

Release 1.7.9p2 of the POCO C++ Libraries is available. This is a minor bugfix release that fixes the Zip testsuite build for non-static builds on Windows platforms. Note that the previous release, 1.7.9p1, fixed a potential vulnerability in the Zip library.

Patch Release 1.7.9p1 Available Fixing Potential Vulnerability in Zip Library

Release 1.7.9p1 fixes a potential vulnerability in the Zip library. The checks Poco::Zip::Decompress performs on an Zip archive entry file name before extracting that file were insufficient. This would allow an attacker to craft a malicious Zip archive containing files with absolute paths, or paths relative to the current user’s home directory on Linux/Unix platforms. […]

Maintenance Release 1.7.9 Available

Release 1.7.9 is available. This release upgrades the bundled Expat XML parser to release 2.2.3 and also fixes a few issues in the XML library. There have also been changes to Poco::Util::LayeredConfiguration, PageCompiler and Poco::NamedEvent/Poco::NamedMutex. Please see the Changelog for details.

Release 1.7.8p3 Available – Expat Vulnerabilities

Release 1.7.8p3 upgrades the bundled Expat XML parser to release 2.2.1 which fixes some vulnerabilities. Upgrading from earlier releases is highly recommended. Changelog

Release 1.7.8 Available

Release 1.7.8 of the POCO C++ Libraries is available. This is a maintenance release containing significant improvements and bugfixes in the Foundation, Net, Zip and MongoDB libraries. Furthermore, the bundled SQLite, zlib, PCRE and double-conversion libraries have been upgraded to current releases. Incidentally, release 1.7.8 marks the 12th anniversary of the first public POCO C++ […]

Release 1.7.7 Available

Release 1.7.7 of the POCO C++ Libraries is available. This maintenance release contains bugfixes and improvements in the Foundation, JSON, Net, NetSSL, Data/ODBC, Data/SQLite and Zip libraries. On Apple platforms, the latest Xcode 8.2 toolchains are supported and an IPv6 DNS issue on iOS and related platforms causing rejection of apps during App Store validation […]